Most of us want to have thick and long hair, but we often have no idea how to make it happen. Then we start searching for miraculous substances without even realising what our hair really needs. The truth is that accelerated growth can only be promised by natural cosmetics rich in natural oils and components responsible for stimulating hair growth. Any conditioner might not be suitable that is why you should keep on reading to discover the best cosmetics and oils recommended for hair growth.

However, before you proceed to the review….


Get to know AMLA OIL
[Emblica Officinalis Fruit Extract]

It is one of the most popular Ayurvedic oils even though it has nothing to do with typical oils. It is an extract from Phyllanthus Emblica, in other words – Indian gooseberry. You can purchase it in the form of a powdered herb, but is not sold separately as an oil. It is often available as a cosmetic ingredient.

The properties of Amla Oil

The oil is very popular in hair care. All women in India know it amazing properties and use it on daily basis. Nowadays, its is getting more and more popular in other regions of the world as well and mostly in cosmetics combining the action of different types of oriental extracts and oils (such as Sesa). Nevertheless, Amla oil provides multidimensional benefits:

  • inhibits ageing because it has antioxidant properties
  • has a beneficial influence on hair and scalp (reinforces)
  • reduces scalp oiliness
  • strengthens hair bulbs and prevents hair loss

Amla Oil is best known as the best oil for hair growth. What is about this product that makes women buy it so willingly? Probably the fact that it is extremely effective because it stimulates the bulbs which are responsible for hair growth. It is an exotic substance and more interesting equivalent of Castor Oil.

Hair Growth Oils. Only Amla?

It is worth mentioning that when we want to take care of hair growth and stimulate the work of the bulbs, we do not have to reach for Indian recipes. Among the native, more famous oils, there are also many suggestions that stimulate hair growth. There is one condition, they must be used regularly. The best oils for hair growth include Castor oil, Fenugreek Oil, Rosemary Oil and Linseed Oil.

DISCOVER THE BEST PRODUCTS RECOMMENDED FOR HAIR GROWTH (not necessarily with Amla Oil, but with other growth stimulating components)!


Hair Growth with NanoilOne product, three versions, each designed for different type of hair. They all provide complex care and thorough regeneration – inside and out. Nanoil Hair Oil boosts hair growth and inhibits its loss, reduces drying time and provides protection. Regenerates, and strengthens keratin fibres, seals the scales and hair’s hydrolipid barrier. Thus the strands are smooth, shiny, resilient easy to style and do not become oily, frizzy or static. Nanoil is available in three versions:

  • Nanoil For Low Porosity Hair
  • Nanoil For Medium Porosity Hair
  • Nanoil For High Porosity Hair

The components of each version are adjusted to the needs and structure of various hair types. Also, Nanoil contains a set of natural oils rich in omega fatty acids, enriched with other valuable substances. The product is all-natural, free of parabens, silicones. Moreover, it is quickly absorbed, weightless, efficient and can be used in several different ways (overnight oiling, dry or wet hair oiling).

It contains two unique ingredients responsible for stimulating hair growth. Low Porosity Hair includes Castor Oil as well.


lorient-serum-recette-royaleThe cosmetic improves the condition and appearance of dry, weak and dull hair. It only works on a certain type of hair, although it is light in texture and well absorbed. This concentrated hair oil should be applied to towel-dried, little damp strands. It does not require rinsing. It strengthens and moisturises thanks to a few oils in the composition, protects, smooths the hair, and facilitates combing. L’Orient Recette Royale Hair Serum retains the moisture inside the hair and strengthens the hydrolipid coating.

It accelerates hair growth thanks to Castor Oil content.


khadi-oil-vitalisingKhadi Hair Growth Oil is a great offer for fans of Indian recipes. The formula is based on the foundations of traditional medicine – Ayurveda. It contains valuable oils and oriental plant extracts that nourish and strengthen hair. The product stimulates the hair roots, strengthens them, thus prevents hair loss and supports its growth. It is a lightweight oil with natural formula and a specific scent. It can be used on the scalp and hair. It is best to apply it at least two hours before washing.

It speeds up hair growth because it contains Castor oil, Amla oil and other oriental extracts.


oblepikha-sibericaA complex of essential oils for very intensive hair growth. The oil not only looks very elegant but has a rich and natural composition. It is most suitable for damaged, brittle, dry, rough, prone to falling out and visibly weak hair. Natura Sibirica Hair Oil will provide flexibility, nourishment, strengthening and beautiful glow. It has a light formula, a nice fragrance and a pretty good performance. It is recommended to rub it into the scalp before shampooing to get instant and long-lasting effects.

It speeds up hair growth because it contains Pine Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil and Mint Oil.


placo-placentaPlaco Placenta is a popular ampoule for hair growth. One pack consists of twelve ampoules, which should be vigorously applied to the hair and scalp. Unfortunately, this is an average competition for oils with richer compositions and better performance, but admirers of ampoules can enjoy them. Placo Placenta is a product that strengthens and regenerates hair, increases its volume and accelerates growth. Such ampoules can be used by both women and men, and the minimum period of treatment is sixty days, which equals about five packages.

It accelerates hair growth because it contains 3% of placenta extract, collagen and nettle.