Hair oil treatment became really popular lately. Cosmetic companies are racing each other in endorsement of products with natural oils. Usually these are really well balanced and thoughtful cosmetics. However, there exists a risk that when buying some mix we can as the proverbial goes be way off the mark, and our hair does not really repay us with beautiful appearance. It will frizz, be overweighted and matte. It is worth to remember that not every product from the drug store will handle the given problem you deal with.

For hair oil treatment are best pure and natural oils.After all, these are much safer and are perfect addition for known, valued and proven cosmetics.

One of the most effective and in a way created specially for hair care oils is amla oil from an Indian plant with green, resembling gooseberry fruits. Indian women for ages value and use this oil as a natural beautifying treatment for long, dark locks. If you recall these long hair of India inhabitants, you can fully understand properties of amla oil.

Best oils for boosting hair growth. Do they all include Amla Oil?

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Two perfect conditioners with Amla Oil

Amla oil was in a way created by nature in honour of women and the one thing dearest to them – hair. Well taken care of, conditioned and glossy locks are an attribute of femininity. It is worth to try this Indian oil known and used for

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Amla Macerate – Make your own hair growth stimulating mask.

Many women claims that they have been fighting to get beautiful and long hair since they remember. It is commonly known that castor oil is one of the best natural substances that helps with achieving this desirable goal. Unfortunately, some people does not tolerate this product well.

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Gooseberry for hair? Amla oil and its properties.

When it comes to body and hair care we more and more often leave behind filled with chemical substances products from drug stores, which are offered to us by cosmetic companies, and we try to look for more natural cosmetics. We mostly draw inspiration from known for

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How should you use amla oil for hair?

The most popular method of application any oil on hair is so called hair oil treatment. It can be performed in various ways. You should consider trying each of methods and find the one treatment for yourself. Here are some techniques of hair oil treatment:

1. Overnight

Apply oil on dry hair by rubbing in and massaging scalp. You need to leave it overnight or for at least 2 hours, then wash hair with delicate shampoo.

2. Two hours

Oil can be applied on damp hair and left for two hours. Hair oil treatment on "wet" hair provides better moisture. Hair will become more nourished, full and thicker.

3. In co-operation with conditioner

This method is based on application of oil on hair mask, conditioner or hair balm. It is perfect if you have cosmetic with no parabens, SLS or other clogging substances. Such cosmetics make it harder for oil to penetrate inner hair layers. Thanks to oil's ability to penetrate hair structures it can help all beneficial substances from conditioner to enter hair inner layers.

4. Quick method with use of atomiser

To empty bottle with atomiser pour liquid base (water, nettle or chamomile brew) and add one tea spoon of amla oil. It is assumed that approximately 200 ml/6.8 oz of base goes for about 5 ml/0.2 oz of essential oil, but depending on needs the quantity of amla hair oil can be slightly increased.

Product can be administered on dry, but also damp hair after hair wash.