Many women claims that they have been fighting to get beautiful and long hair since they remember. It is commonly known that castor oil is one of the best natural substances that helps with achieving this desirable goal. Unfortunately, some people does not tolerate this product well. What should be applied instead? In this case, Amla oil (Indian gooseberry) can turns out as a helpful substance.

Alma oil is a very popular plant, especially in the Middle East, which is used in cosmetology. Why do Hindu women trust in highly concentrated essential plant oils that are said to improve condition of their hair? Probably because all the hair caring techniques and rituals are passed from one generation to another. Therefore the beneficial action of such products are well-known to Hindu women because there are accustomed with them since their childhood. And Amla is a highly effective plant rich in C vitamin, mineral and amino acids.

How to encourage hair to grow long due to Amla? First of all, Alma oil is a perfect substitute of castor oil hence it can be used in its pure form as a preparation for accelerating hair growth. If applied directly on scalp, it will stimulate hair roots to more effective action and the results will be noticeable after first few sessions. Amla oil extracted from the fruits of Indian gooseberries can be enriched with features of another plant oil by making Amla macerate. Such a hair mask will not only provide marvellous nourishing features but also facilitates penetrating Amla extracts deep into hair, which in turn will have its consequence in accelerated hair growth.

How to make Amla macerate in sunflower oil that is rich in crucial for hair health Omega-9 fatty acids? Let be reminded that macerate is nothing else than plant oil enriched with extracts of other fruits. Base oil, in this case the sunflower oil, should be used as a substance in which Indian gooseberry are left for several weeks in order to make all the nourishing substances of the Amla get absorbed by the base oil.

This kind of Amla macerate is perfect for a hair conditioner. Such a hair mask can be applied to hair in order to counteract all typical hair problems like for example excessive hair loss or general weakening of hair condition. Amla oil strengthens hair roots and speeds up hair growth. What is more, thanks to this natural oil, hair colour becomes more vibrant.