When it comes to body and hair care we more and more often leave behind filled with chemical substances products from drug stores, which are offered to us by cosmetic companies, and we try to look for more natural cosmetics.

We mostly draw inspiration from known for ages and valued for years substances. Its Renaissance currently undergoes Eastern medical philosophy – Ayurveda. Indian people for ages are faithful to old recipes and oils obtained from plants. When it comes to hair care, amla oil has no equal. It is oil obtained from Indian tree growing in Asia. Because of green, resembling gooseberry fruit it is called Indian gooseberry. The oil is obtained by drying of the fruits and soaking them in other natural oils, for example sesame or coconut. Amla releases its precious components inside the oil-base. The extracted oil is very commonly used in the cosmetic industry. It is used primarily for the care of the hair and scalp.

What are the benefits for hair resulting from use of amla oil?

  • restores structure of even very damaged hair,
  • strengthens hair and protects them,
  • improves their general appearance and condition,
  • provides hair with gloss and makes them silky smooth,
  • hair are ensured with volume and elasticity,
  • conditions scalp by providing it with right hydration,
  • prevents hair loss,
  • takes care of hair bulbs, which become much stronger,
  • stimulates hair growth,
  • indicates anti-dandruff properties,
  • in a great way conditions hair and makes easier its stylisation,
  • amla is a diverse source of antioxidants, so it eliminates free radicals and inhibits ageing processes,
  • regenerates split ends and prevents delamination of hair cuticles,
  • regulates work of sebaceous glands,
  • protects hair against sun radiation,
  • protects hair against unfavourable action of external factors, like wind, freeze, salty sea water,
  • protects hair against mechanical damages, e.g. curler, blow dryer or straightener.

The best method of use amla oil is so called hair oil treatment. To do that apply amla oil on dry hair and leave it overnight or for at least two hours. Perfect would be execution of scalp massage to stimulate blood circulation in cells and strengthen hair bulbs. After treatment wash hair with delicate shampoo. The treatment should be repeated every 2-3 days.