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Best oils for boosting hair growth. Do they all include Amla Oil?

Most of us want to have thick and long hair, but we often have no idea how to make it happen. Then we start searching for miraculous substances without even realising what our hair really needs. The truth is that accelerated growth can only be promised by natural cosmetics rich in natural oils and components […]

Two perfect conditioners with Amla Oil

Amla oil was in a way created by nature in honour of women and the one thing dearest to them – hair. Well taken care of, conditioned and glossy locks are an attribute of femininity. It is worth to try this Indian oil known and used for ages. To intensify its action, it is best […]

Amla Macerate – Make your own hair growth stimulating mask.

Many women claims that they have been fighting to get beautiful and long hair since they remember. It is commonly known that castor oil is one of the best natural substances that helps with achieving this desirable goal. Unfortunately, some people does not tolerate this product well. What should be applied instead? In this case, […]

Gooseberry for hair? Amla oil and its properties.

When it comes to body and hair care we more and more often leave behind filled with chemical substances products from drug stores, which are offered to us by cosmetic companies, and we try to look for more natural cosmetics. We mostly draw inspiration from known for ages and valued for years substances. Its Renaissance […]